Loving Yourself First

If you really want to heal, then you need to STOP. Stop comparing yourself. Stop judging yourself. Stop with the hate comments in your head. If there’s one thing I have learned in this lifetime, it’s that you need to love yourself. Growing up, I acquired a lot of baggage that centered around my self image. It wasn’t until this year that I truly started to love myself.

Think about it… what is the point of doubting your beauty? There is none. And when I say beauty, I don’t mean the make-up you put on or the outfit you wear. I mean the pureness of your soul, the kindness of your heart, the way you treat other beings. Expressing love to all things is what makes a person beautiful.

Fuck the standards of society. We are unfortunately living in a materialistic, narcissistic world today. Which makes people feel they have some type of expectation to live up to. We are all our own unique being, the way the universe intended us to be. Every size, shape, and color is beautiful, but beauty starts from within. If we all looked exactly the same, then we would be forced to base our “beauty” off of our personalities. Having a confident, self-loving personality will shine through your being and project itself onto the outside world. If you have a pretty face but a judgmental, conceited, crappy personality than you have A LOT of inner work to do. Looks don’t mean shit, it’s what’s on the inside that really matters.

Be nice, compliment someone once in a while, smile at every person you see. By doing this, you can start a chain reaction. By spreading an act of kindness, you’re  leaving it up to that person to do the same for someone else. I always want to be the reason someone smiles. Have that mentality and watch how much your reality shifts right before your eyes.

A huge road block for most people is jealousy. Take that word and imagine it written on a ticking bomb. Now blow that shit up! There is no reason to be jealous of ANYONE. You can’t change the way you were born, that’s out of your hands. But you can choose how you react to the ego’s emotion. Once you feel any ounce of jealousy stirring up inside you for any reason, all you have to do is picture that jealousy bomb and make it blow up. Don’t give it another thought.

I’ve been in the same relationship for over 7 years now and the word “jealous” isn’t even in our vocabulary. This took a lot of work between the both of us but trust me it’s worth it. Now that I accept every part of me for what it is, I love myself. I can now fully love another being because of that.

All in all, you are beautiful no matter what. Man or woman, your beauty radiates inside of you just waiting for you to accept it for what it is. Do it! Just accept it. Allow yourself to be free of the ego’s games. Love yourself first so that others get to experience that beautiful vibe. We are love. This meat sac we call a body isn’t who we are. It’s just a vessel that allows us to bring love into this physical reality that we are currently experiencing. Sit and meditate until you can feel your true self. BE the love that are.

I love you!

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