Doctor, Dickhead, or Dumbass?

RANT. Okay so this is kind of going to be a rant-type post because WHAT THE F.

I went to the gastroenterologist yesterday because I have been having really bad heartburn and indigestion. I eat really well so I know its from being on steroids and multiple medications in the past but I was going just to make sure it wasn’t something more serious. So I ended up scheduling an upper endoscopy a few weeks from now. In the meantime, the doctor prescribed me a medication called Pantoprazole, which is the generic form of Protonix. Before I committed to taking it, I read the package insert that came with the bottle of 90 pills. You know what it said?! I don’t think you’re ready… in the “Most Important Information About This Drug” section it read:

Systemic Lupus Erythematosus happens with this drug, as well as make symptoms worse if you already have it. Contact your doctor immediately if you have Lupus or if you demonstrate Lupus symptoms.”

LIKE ARE YOU FRIGEN KIDDING ME. Since when does a medication say something that specific. And if it does say something that specific, clearly there’s a reason. They wouldn’t just add this on their warning label for shits and giggles. Does it seem like I’m giggling?!

I literally had a 20 minute conversation with this rude bonehead about how I was diagnosed with Lupus and a gaggle of other diagnoses. I asked him what the side effects of the medication were and if it was safe to take with my current medication and my conditions. He said YES.  For how far I have come with my health I don’t have the time to deal with my symptoms worsening from a bullshit medication. He doesn’t even know what’s wrong with me yet since the upper endoscopy isn’t until February 22nd, so WHY would you even prescribe ANY medication when you don’t know what’s going on inside my body?!

Moral of the story, do your own research and know what you are putting into your body. Just because the doctors you see have a title of being a doctor doesn’t mean they are always right. Most that I have encountered follow textbook procedures without really taking every aspect of your health into consideration. And all of those doctors don’t expect their patients to speak up, they just expect you to follow their orders (Okay Hitler). WELL GUESS WHAT? I care about myself too much to just mindlessly pump medications into my body without really knowing what’s in them and what the effects are.

Please be careful as to who and what you listen to. Your body is your temple and you need to protect it, especially in this fucked up, contaminated world.

For the record, the answer to the title is both dickhead and dumbass.

Okay rant done, sorry. That felt good to get that out. I spent a good 10 minutes laughing at this situation because it’s so fucked up that it’s funny.

29 thoughts on “Doctor, Dickhead, or Dumbass?

  1. I’m so glad you read the package insert. Everything you described is an example of what’s wrong with our healthcare system. So many of us have had these experiences. So many docs are throwing meds at people without considering the effect on the whole person. This rant is well deserved.

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  2. Oh my goodness, just because they are a Doctor does not mean they know what they are treating especially a general practitioner. They just follow procedures. You are so right to check everything and also the natural medicines they may not be for you either.

    I had slightly high sugar levels and my Dr told me to come back in 2 weeks for a further test, so I cut out all the sugar and took some natural medicine I knew would help this condition and liver Milk Thistle. Blood tests I had proved I reduced it. Went back and they told me to have a test, what was the test ” to drink a glass full of heavy sugar syrup” to see how my body handled sugar. Um they proved my sugar was slightly high. The sugar syrup drink put me in bed sick for nearly a week. They do not know what they are doing. Dumbass is right.

    Take care with what you do.

    I would check if you had eaten anything different which may have caused the heartburn. Blessings.

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    1. Wow that’s ridiculous! Why would they have you drink sugar obviously that would have harmed you. Just makes me shake my head and laugh. These well paid doctors think they know all it’s comical because they rarely know more than their patient. At least I’m not alone and there are others who realize doctors don’t know everything! And I have cut out all acidic food the past couple of days and it seems to be helping slowly, thank you!

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  3. I’m sorry to hear you had such a bad experience with a doctor… unfortunately these types of experiences are all too common. If it were me, personally, I doubt that I would take that new medication once I had read that specific warning against taking it if you have lupus. It’s just too risky.
    However, some specialists (he was a gastroenterologist, right?) will ignore warnings such as these, if they feel that in your particular case the medicine will be well-tolerated. It’s treating each case on an individual basis…. some doctors are better at weighing up the pros and cons of each drug than others are, too.
    So, this doctor may have treated patients with lupus before, and seen them respond well to this particular drug. So he would weigh up the potential risks with the possible benefits.
    I’m not excusing his behavior… he should never have been so rude to you and he should have explained his reasoning. I think you deserve to get a second opinion and be treated with the upmost respect.
    I’m fortunate that I don’t have to take an medications and I basically have my health.
    I commend you bravery and you willingness to question a doctor’s advice. It is not easy to do.
    All the very best to you!

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    1. Thanks for taking the time to read this! And thanks for your feedback, I did consider what you mentioned about him treating others with lupus and then not having a problem with the medication. I have just come so far in my healing journey that I didn’t want to even risk getting any sicker. I was just completely mind blown by his actions! I’m so happy you’re in good health, stay healthy! 😊

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  4. This is unreal. You would think he would’ve listened to you in your discussions on your current meds and what for. I will say that I have had some dumbass docs as well. Had one while I was in the hospital asking me what we should do and not saying what he would recommend. I ended up moving to a different hospital and had surgery 2 days later.

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  5. Oh gosh, I totally get this! Great rant on dickhead doctors. So true that we need to be our own best advocates and learn what is best for us. I’m glad you didn’t take that medicine crap. I take a ton of meds too to keep the ulcerative colitis heat down in my body. Grateful for it, but only taking what works, even though it’s tough on so many other parts of my body, but so far things are copacetic.

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  6. Oh. I can relate. I have a doctor who thinks I have lupus and psoriatic arthritis. Tests aren’t showing strong positive results, but they aren’t ruling out either illness. I am miserable. I find it interesting how doctors don’t really know how to treat us. They are afraid to prescribe medication that works (Lyrica was my wonder medication), so they prescribe something that won’t have to be reported through prescription management programs.
    I would be afraid of the medicine too. I have chronic migraines with severe nausea. I was prescribed an anti-nausea medication that had a side effect of “causing headaches,sometimes severe.” Still reeling over that one.

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    1. Yup doctors just think they know what’s right for us even though they’re not qualified in what’s healthy for our bodies. Adding in a shit ton of fruits and vegetables and cutting out all processed foods, dairy, meat, soy, and gluten have been my life savor. I’m sorry you’re going through this and I hope you’re health gets better soon!

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      1. I’m not sure if you’re into holistic treatments but marijuana really really helps me with anxiety. Especially when I had to take prednisone, that crap made my anxiety so much worse and the only thing that calmed me down was marijuana. If you’re not open to that, I would suggest trying to incorporate meditation into your daily routine! A little meditation every day works wonders for anxiety as well!


      2. It’s illegal in my state. TN will be the last state to legalize medical marijuana. We’ve outlawed Kratom too. Doctors are literally scared to prescribe and I had a primary care (fired her) that lectured me at every visit because of my small amount of anxiety medication prescribed by a specialist.

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      3. From experience, it seems anxiety medication makes anxiety 100 times worse. And it also seems our healthcare system makes it impossible for us to have access to real and natural medications that will actually heal our bodies. That’s why I’ve taken my heath into my own hands for the most part and I’m slowly healing through diet and an eastern approach. If you like to read, the books Medical Medium and Life Changing Foods both by Anthony William are super informational when it comes to healing with food!

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      4. Added services to my website, maybe I could help you if you’re interested. I’d love to help in any way that I can. Take a look at my new site and let me know what you think 😊


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