Healing With Amazon Medicine: My Kambo Experience

This will be kind of long but it’s worth the read!

In simple words, Kambo is the poisonous secretions of an Amazonian frog that is applied to burn marks on the skin. Sounds crazy, right? Well just keep in mind that the main reason I’m only on one medication now and am healing my body quicker than expected is because of this wonderful frog medicine.

*The frogs are in no way harmed during the process of poison collection. They are treated with the greatest respect. The poison is wiped off of their backs and they are released back into the forest. They are very sacred to the tribes!*

Kambo directly impacts the lymphatic system, as soon as it enters your body it starts to work. It causes you to purge out all of your toxins. There is both a physical and a spiritual aspect of this medicine but I’ll get to that when I talk about my experience. To learn more about Kambo you can click here. This is also the website of the woman who administered my medicine. She’s certified, has a lot of experience, and I highly recommend going to her if you live in the NJ/NY area. I trust her with my life.

This was my experience for the first treatment:


The ceremony started with rápe (pronounced hop-ay), which is a tobacco and herb snuff that’s prepared by a tribe from Peru. It’s administered by a two-sided pipe and is blown into each nostril. The rápe effects vary depending on which tribe made it and what herbs were used. But the feeling I got was a very grounding sense of peace that overtook my whole body. It calmed my nerves and got my body ready for the Kambo. For me, it put me into a meditative like state.

You can get the burn marks anywhere you want but I chose to get it on my right shoulder. Since it was my first time I only got three burn marks that were made by burning the end of a small wooden stick (this part is quick and painless). Before the Kambo could be applied, I needed to drink almost a whole gallon-jug of water (I had to fast for at least 10-12 hours before). Once I finished drinking the water, the Kambo was applied one dot at a time. My body needed this so bad that it wouldn’t let me wait until the Kambo was put on the third dot. The women who was doing it only got to put it on two of the dots before I started to immediately purge.

The purging honestly wasn’t that bad because it wasn’t a forced puke. It was just flowing out of me (I had a big bucket to use). I set the intention to detox my body of all illness and my throwup turned a florescent yellow color.

Once I was done after about 12 minutes of puking, she made me some tea, toast, and gave me a banana. I had the feeling of just accomplishing something so huge. My body didn’t hurt and I was really relaxed. After that it was time for the final part of the ceremony, Sananga. These are eye drops, also from the amazon, made out of a plant that’s crushed and prepared until it’s a liquid. The point of the Sananga is to correct energy imbalances in the chakras.

So I laid down and she put drops in each of my eyes. This was the worst pain I had ever felt in my entire life. It felt like acid was burning my eyes off. I couldn’t open my eyes for a good 30 minutes while the Sananga did its work and scanned my body. I have autoimmune issues so I expected there to be a lot of imbalances.

It wore off and I was able to open my eyes. The feeling after was the best I’ve felt since I was diagnosed.

I actually had a slight cold with sinus pressure before the ceremony and it completely cleared that from my body. The sleep that night was the best sleep I’ve gotten and it completely corrected my sleeping patterns. When I woke up, I had no thoughts. My head was completely clear and my body felt great. I wasn’t stiff, I could bend my knees and my arms. I had no negative feelings. I was literally living in the moment every second.

There’s a thing called the Herxing effect where all of your toxins that you didn’t purge out come to the surface and cause pain (it doesn’t always happen but can happen depending on how much work your body needs). Well it happened to me because I have a lot of heath issues so I wasn’t that surprised. This just meant that I needed more treatments.

I got 3 treatments in 28 days and it helped enormously. I longer need steroids to be able to function! I have minor joint pain but nothing that I can’t shake. I know that with more treatments (about once every 7 weeks) it will do the trick. I go again for my 4th treatment tomorrow and I’m so excited! I pulled 2 angel cards and also wrote out my intentions and gratitude on a piece of paper. I bring these with me and have them next to me with my crystals during the ceremony. This is very important! This ceremony has such a deep spiritual connection with the self and the Kambo Spirit (who I greatly appreciate coming into my life). With the right intentions and focus you can transform your life during these ceremonies.

The moral of this is that I have come across a “medicine” that works. And yes, it is LEGAL. There are scientific studies backing Kambo and its effects on the body. It helps with a wide variety of illnesses and is also great to get if you are perfectly healthy! (My boyfriend and I plan to go to Peru one day for Kambo, San Pedro and Ayahuasca. All of these medicines advance your spiritual journey and can really change your life!)

This can really advance your spiritual practice in so many ways. You will feel more and more aligned with your higher self and true being after every session. Again, if you live in the New Jersey/New York area, head on over to warriorwayhealing.com! You can read my testimonial there too!


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