Surrendering To Your Body

When I say “surrendering to your body”, I don’t mean to give up. I’m saying to just surrender to the pain you feel. Don’t judge the pain and don’t have thoughts about the pain. Just acknowledge that the pain is there but try not to be attached to it.

I know this sounds like it’s easier said than done but if you really focus your mind on surrendering, you can really benefit your body (and your sanity).

In this reality, our bodies obviously have so much to shed. Trauma, unwanted energy from this lifetime, karmic energy from our past lives, etc. Your entire being stores all of these things deep inside and it somehow has to be released at some point. From a collective of thoughts from previous readings, by Anthony William, Rasha, Ryuho Okawa, and Deepak Chopra to name a few, I have learned that our “illnesses” that we are diagnosed with are just our body’s way of shedding all of that stored karmic energy! This thought alone has changed my entire perspective on my health. It has taught me not to be mad at my body for hurting and also to really embrace the healing process in general.

I have accepted that my body is trying to shed as much as it can in this lifetime, hence all of the pain I have been in the past few years. But I am not attaching myself to my diagnoses because that would make it worse. It would make me a slave to Lupus. Sure it is easy to go to the doctors and get prescribed dozens of medications to try to help the issue but that would be masking the pain. You cannot release anything if you don’t physically embrace the emotions and feelings that need to be felt during the shedding process.

The worst thing you can do is put attention, whether mentally or physically, on the illness. Be careful how you speak. Intentionally or not, the universe will give you what you speak and think of. You can read about this here. Don’t broadcast the illness to the outside world, don’t complain about being in pain, and certainly don’t make it seem like you are the victim. I know that sounds kind of ironic since my blog is about living with Lupus, but I have the mental intention of changing what this blog is all about once I heal myself. Notice how I just said “once I heal myself”, as if it will happen. Always speak like this. Act as if you already have what you want. It’s all about intention.

The next time you are fed up with your pain, think of surrendering to it. Let it hurt you, let it make you feel the bundles of emotions that come alone with it. You’re only helping yourself by doing this. It’s not giving up, it’s allowing you to accept what is.

Off of the computer, I don’t really make it known that I have an illness unless the situation demands it so. I try to keep the label of Lupus out of my mouth and out of my thoughts, as well as the sistering diagnoses. You know how when you were younger and parents used to give you advice for dealing with bullies “let it go in one ear and out the other, don’t let it affect you”? Well you can use this same logic with your pain. Let the pain flow through your body and transmute it without judgment and attachment. Try this with your own diagnosis for a few weeks and watch how your reality starts to slowly shift into a new perspective.

We chose to experience ourselves as human beings to advance our ascension process. Embrace your emotions no matter how they choose to express themselves, even if that means pain!

Example of an affirmation I use: I am not Lupus, I am shedding all that no longer serves me. I fully accept my healing process and choose to release all emotional baggage that I have carried over into this lifetime. I am protected and I am free.


6 thoughts on “Surrendering To Your Body

  1. Hey! Thanks for visiting my site. I was actually misdiagnosed with Lupus and a few other ailments a few years ago and it took my complete surrender and asking for guidance to find my way out. I like what you say “You cannot release anything if you don’t physically embrace the emotions and feelings that need to be felt during the shedding process.” Im not sure if you have tried “evolutionary healing” or a “somatic awareness” practitioner but it embraces this process and teaches you how to feel where the emotions are trapped in your body. It takes time (I have been going for a year) but I am actually free of most of my physical symptoms now, while still holding on to a few self destructive habits. I realized that food is a medicine but emotional release from past traumas was the missing component in my healing process. Hope this helps you along in some way. I remember scouring the internet for answers when I became ill and all of the solutions where really within. And sometimes maybe we are required to just ride things out until the celestial bodies dictate otherwise. I have also found this mantra and meditation extremely powerful

    Let the sounds reverberate through your body and enjoy!

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  2. I love your attitude and positive thinking! Just a tip to make your affirmations more effective: Always keep them framed in positive language! For example, instead of, “I am not lupus.” Try, “I am healthy and well!” The subconscious can have a hard time with “not” and kind of skips over it.
    Mine needs to be, “I have abundant health and energy!” Thanks for reminding me how important it is to keep my thoughts in line with where I want to be!

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