How to Change Your Life by Doing One Simple Thing

There’s one thing you can do that can change your entire life.

First of all, all illness stems from an imbalance somewhere in your body. Your chakras aren’t aligned when you’re ill. So if you take the time to meditate, you’ll be able to learn so much about yourself and eventually will be able to determine where exactly in your body is your imbalance. And from there you can take the appropriate action to balance yourself out.

If you’re on this healing journey with me, you must do one thing. Forgive. Forgive yourself for your old habits and thoughts, forgive your body for hurting, forgive every single being who’s crossed your path. Every person you meet is a reflection of yourself that mirrors to you some aspect of yourself that you sometimes refuse to see. Everyone is here to to teach you something and every situation is a lesson. And until you truly understand that lesson, it will continually pop up in your life like clockwork. The best way to begin conquering these repeated lessons is to forgive.

Picture that every thought has a chord attaching itself to you. I suggested doing a meditation focused on forgiving people and visualizing cutting “chords” that attach you to these people or thoughts. Once that mental chord is cut, feel the sensation of forgiveness and visualize it floating away in space where it can go back with the universal flow. Now that you have detached this chord, you can make room for better chords to grow from you. The more you cut the chords from negative, toxic thoughts and people, the more you make room for manifesting positive thoughts and people into your life.

Don’t be so hard on yourself. Somewhere down the long line of past lives and this current one, you picked up a lot of baggage along the way. This karmic baggage has manifested itself into a physical illness. That’s how I’m choosing to look at what I have been diagnosed with. We also chose our life path before coming to earth. So the fact that these illnesses manifested themselves into my body in this life time shows me that I must’ve been ready to take on my heavy karmic baggage that I’ve carried for ages. I knew deep inside me that I was strong enough to take on these illness so that I could release them from my being. This thought is really what keeps me fighting.

So be easy with your body and your thoughts. As long as you’re trying to forgive yourself and others, you’re changing your life. Keep in mind that everything takes time. And with time your life will start to show itself to you in your favor. Remember to be aware of habitual patterns and the second you realize there’s a pattern taking place, forgive yourself for letting that happen. And then forgive others who are involved. Cut the chords, focus on releasing that energy, and go about your life. Do this often and watch your life change before your eyes.

These illness are curable, no matter what doctors may say. We just have to get ourselves back into balance but that takes patience and dedication. How bad do you want to be cured? For me, that’s not even a question.

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