Who Are We To Judge Each Other?

We are all on our own journeys. We have no right to judge others for how they choose to live. I think once you realize this, you kind of let go and your life gets better. Judging brings negative emotions to your awareness causing you to put yourself in a lower vibrational state. That lower vibrational state beings weird forms of pain and suffering. You want to try to avoid this from happening as much as you can.

I will live my life the way that I seem fit for me. That doesn’t mean it’s the only way to live and it certainly doesn’t mean the way you live is wrong. I wanted to make this clear so that you didn’t take this blog the wrong way. It’s not meant to change your views or to force you to do certain things. It’s meant to give you a new perspective on certain topics without judgment.

Accepting others for who they are is a huge step in your spiritual awakening. Trying to change people or having the intention to control another human can have a large variety of negative effects on your physical body. So don’t do it! Let them be.

By feeding into your ego’s needs to control every situation, you’re basically asking for pain. This plays a huge part in autoimmune disorders, so keep that in mind. Try to let things be how they are. If you don’t like the situation, state your option (plant the seed) and then leave it at that. If the other person chooses to ignore your input and slap you in the face with their ego’s comebacks, let it be. If they decide to take what you say and apply it to their life, let it be. You’ve done your job by just planting a seed. Don’t let negativity from your ego eat you alive.

I have to take my own advice on this and I understand and accept that. It’s a hard concept to grasp and put into action. But the more I focus on it, the easier it becomes.

The main idea I’m trying to get across here is that judging others for how they live only draws in negativity to your energy field. Drawing in negative energy into your life will only result in hurting your own body. You can observe someone else without judgement and let them be. But that takes a lot of practice. For now just try to think about this concept and slowly integrate it into your life. Let others be and let yourself be. Don’t let your ego pull you in, flick that bitch away with the thought of non attachment. Show it who’s boss.

A shrunken ego equals no judgement. No judgement equals no pain. No pain equals a happy human. Be a happy human 😊 let’s do this together, we’ve got this.

7 thoughts on “Who Are We To Judge Each Other?

  1. My type A, control freak ego is the worst!!!! You make lots of great points. It’s definitely hard to accept people for exactly who they are, especially when it’s someone like your boyfriend you’re always trying to “improve,” but as soon I dropped some of those tendencies (still a work in progress!) things actually got WAY better. I’m all about raising to a higher vibrational frequency!

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    1. Exactly! When it comes to people who I love sometimes it can be difficult to accept how they are with certain things, especially when I see how the way they live effects their own health negatively. But sometimes I just have to say my input, and leave it at that. It’s definitely a huge work in progress with my close friends and loved ones but I know one day they’ll think back to what I say and be like “wow, now I get it”. Thanks for your comment and good luck with your journey! Maybe we’ll cross paths when our frequencies are aligned!

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