Friendly Reminder

I’ve said it before but it’s important that we don’t forget. The best way to heal is to listen to your body. If you feel like shit, cancel everything and take time for yourself. Lay in bed and relax. It sounds easy, but when every inch of your body is aching it can be hard to get comfortable. Try your best to find a position that causes the least amount of pain and just let go of all responsibilities. When your body is aching, it’s telling you it needs rest. Listen to it! If you ignore it, it’ll try to fight back and cause even more pain. It’s perfectly okay to do nothing. Don’t let others make you feel like crap by their feedback about you taking a day off. Do what you feel is beneficial for you.

I feel like complete ass today. I had a rough couple of weeks, having to go to the hospital, not being able to breathe in, it’s just been a huge mess. I was feeling okay a few days ago but for some reason yesterday my body was a little achy and this morning when I woke up, the aches were full force. So my bed is my safe place today. My dog’s keeping me company while my boyfriend is in Columbia. Luckily my mom is home today so she can bring me food when I’m hungry. I’m putting all responsibilities aside and only focusing on relaxing the pain away. And instead of being mad about laying in bed all day, I’m surrendering and accepting what my body needs today.

If you’re also having a painful day, try to stay positive and remember that this isn’t forever. We will get better with time. ❤️ Taking things one day at a time is all we can do when we feel like this.

Stay strong, xoxoxo.

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