F*ck Lupus, Get Healthy (Update #1 on New Routine)

So, since my last post I had a few people inquire about what I am doing with my new business venture. I just thought I’d clarify and let you all know what exactly I am selling and why I am doing it.

I’m doing this for my health! If you have some time, reach out to me and I can send you the launch video for my new wellness business that my mentor and I recorded. Once you watch that, you will hear me speak about why I have started this and how it will be helping my healing process.

I am extremely excited to finally be taking my health back. I figured I’d share this on my blog because the autoimmune community needs to be introduced to this! Whether you believe in it or not, I am going to be documenting my journey with taking these products so that I can be your proof first hand. My goal is to truly inspire others who don’t have control of their health. Together we can become healthy and I know I’ve said it before, but it all starts with what you put in your body. 

*I am not talking about this just to try to sell you something, I’m talking about this because I truly believe this can bridge the gap between what I am eating and the nutrients that my body needs.

First Update on New Routine

It has been only been 5 days since I started taking these products and this is what has happened to my body:

  • The amount of energy I have has increased immensely. So much so that it’s making me question if I am even the same person as I was a week ago.
  • I have been able to return to yoga!
  • I went on a run, not once, but TWICE in the span of two days. I can’t even remember the last time my body has been able to cooperate for me to go on a run.
  • My bowel movements have become scheduled and are healthy! (Google information on this to tell how you can see if your bowel movements are healthy)
  • I have been sleeping through the night since the first day. This never happens and I have not been able to sleep in a really long time.
  • The inflammation in my body is diminishing each day. This sentence could put me to tears. Do you know how long I have been waiting to wake up and not be inflamed and in pain? A VERY long fucking time.  My pain is obviously not gone completely, but this is a start! This may not be forever but hey, I’m living the life right now.

This is only the first week, can you imagine what I will be like when I continue this new routine? I can’t! I’ll be me again! I am super stoked to see how my health improves over the next few months. I will post updates as time goes on, so if you’d like to keep up with those, subscribe to my blog and keep an eye out for posts that are titled “Update on New Routine”.

If you are interested in learning more about the products I’m using, you can email me at neluna.hailey@gmail.com or you can find me on Instagram (@haileyneluna) and send me a message! I am more than happy to provide you with more information.

xoxo, Hailey

11 thoughts on “F*ck Lupus, Get Healthy (Update #1 on New Routine)

    1. I have thought a lot about this. And although I don’t have a a clear understanding, I thinks it’s a mixture of a lot. I never had any health issues until lupus symptoms started. But I ate like complete shit growing up, fast food, junk food etc. I also received all my vaccinations as a child and teenager including the flu shots annually. I was never aware of the health risks of eating bad foods containing chemicals and gmos or even how bad vaccines and flu shots were until the last few years. So honestly i feel it was a combination of eating shitty “foods” growing up and also getting vaccines growing up. My last flu shot was in December of 2014 which was when my symptoms started and I was diagnosed with lupus in may of 2015. I’d love to know what exactly set it off but again I can only come up with this. The most important thing now is that I have reversed the disease all through diet following Anthony William’s protocols (author of medical medium). It’s proven that I’ve successfully reversed lupus (not in remission) through my bloodwork and how I feel. Check out my recent posts, I talk a lot about my progress and my daily life now that I’m living without illness!! 😊

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      1. Wow you just described my life. I foraged as a child but when I got older I started eating those things and that is when things went down hill for me. The GMOs and glyphosate they put on them weakened my body and then I got Lyme. It is why so many are getting Lyme now days. I call our illness Synergistic Illness. It is the synergistic effects of everything even allopathic medicine that is making so many ill. But then there are people like us who do not give up and figure things out. We supposedly cannot heal…lol Guess they should have told us that before we figured out how to.

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      2. I completely agree! And I’ll have to read that book I love reading and learning new things that will help my health. More people have to realize the harmful effects of using certain products and eating certain things that contain chemicals and GMOs. So thankful I was able to learn about it all when I did. And I’m so happy we’ve both been able to figure out how to heal ourselves. That makes my heart so happy!

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