Update #2 on New Routine

Month One

It’s been exactly one month since I have started my new routine! Check out my first post that introduces this here.

I am a firm believer of how you feel is a reflection of what you put in your body. So to be honest, this has been a complete lifestyle change for me. As you have read in my past posts, I eliminated the following from my diet: meat, dairy, caffeine, alcohol, and gluten. I have been dairy free and meat free for almost two years now, and the elimination of caffeine, alcohol, and gluten have been more recent. Two meals out of the day are completely raw, so I eat different combinations of fruits and vegetables. One meal out of the day is cooked, but always follows my strict restrictions.  One thing everyone comments on is how much fruit I eat. They’ll say things like “isn’t that too much sugar?” And the answer is NO. Our bodies were designed to break down fruit sugar differently than processed sugar. Processed sugar is actually foreign to the human body. So before you roll your eyes, read Medical Medium by Anthony William (as well as his other books). They will truly change your life and your outlook on your food and health.

Eating the way I eat is hard work. It takes a lot of discipline and a lot of will power to use the word “no” when offered food that I used to enjoy. Other than three meals a day, of course I snack. And when I say snack, I mean I snack maybe every 1-2 hours. This is perfectly fine. So for example I’ll walk you through a day of my diet.

Breakfast: Banana, Apple, Papaya, and a vegan protein shake made with almond milk and some fruit.

Snack: Kiwi and a banana.

Snack: Apple and strawberries.

Lunch: Avocado with salt and pepper, fresh broccoli with vegan ranch.

Snack: Carrots and hummus.

Snack: Celery and vegan ranch.

Dinner: Jackfruit tacos with vegan cheese, kale, and gluten free taco shells.

Snack: Apple.

I also want to add the most important aspect of this structured diet. Each day I am taking 3 different capsules that are filled with a total of 30 fully ripe fruits, vegetables and berries. I take two with my breakfast, two with my lunch, and two with my dinner. Every single day. These are not supplements, they’re considered food in a capsule. Literally. Don’t believe me? Send me an email at neluna.hailey@gmail.com and i’ll prove it to you!

The only supplements I take are vegan B12, vegan Vitamin D, burdock root, and a probiotic (90 billion cfu). And of course, I am still on the Plaquneil for lupus. And I also drink a shit ton of water. This is really, really, really important. Make sure you are drinking water every hour!

Since I have started whole new routine, my sleeping habits have regulated, my energy is up, my joints have hurt less, and my skin has been getting better every day! Here is a picture to prove it:

Acne Month 1

This is only the first month! I cannot wait to see the transformations as the months go by. Your skin is your biggest organ and truly reflects what’s going on inside of you. Look at this transformation!! Clearly I am on my way to healing myself from the inside out.

Also, I wanted to add that I have used the same face wash for as long as I can remember. Which you can find here. Since I have used this face wash for a long time, I know that the clearing of my acne is all thanks to my lifestyle change with what I ingest. What you eat will come out in your skin, so make sure with everything you put in your body, that you are healing and not hurting.


I’ll post another update next month on how I am feeling physically and how my skin has changed! Stay tuned!

xoxo, Hailey

11 thoughts on “Update #2 on New Routine

  1. Great job!! Add some Tumeric to your veggies and sprinkle some on your avocado. It helps sooo much with inflammation 😊. Keep up the good work💜

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  2. I started Whole30 a month ago. My sleep was better and so was my energy. Still doing it with minor things added back in like my coffee w/organic whipping cream. I’ve never had skin problems however it did look more creamier, but I notice that when I stull deal with really stressful things, my skin shows it despite how well I’m eating. Anyways, happy for you!

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